Famous Blog discusses facts on Texas Economy- Futuristic View 2035

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Texas has built a strong position both in the national and world economies. This formidable economic position has become a factor in the transformation of its political status as well as ranking in the United States. Texas now stands among the biggest economies in the world. The oil and gas industries have propelled the state into a more developed and industrialized economy. It is predicted by 2035 Dallas (Forth Worth) would be of the top of nine wealthiest state in US. Introduction Tex…

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U.S. Investments Surge For African Tech Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch

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From the largest technology companies to early stage investors, American high tech companies and venture capitalists are increasingly supporting startups..

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“Power House of Asia- Hong Kong”



“Power House of Asia- Hong Kong”

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Hong Kong is a world city. Hong Kong-“Nylonkong”, which referred to New York City, London and Hong Kong facilitates the global economy. Hong Kong world’s leading international financial centers, major capitalist service economy, low taxation and free trade, Hong Kong dollar, is the eighth most traded currency in the world. City is center of modern architecture and the world’s most vertical city. Hong Kong has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. This article will shed economic overview of Singapore as well.