General Raj School – Strong Educational Foundation

Antonio Bhardwaj scored highest marks and was awarded best student in 1984 leading to his admission in bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Antonio Bhardwaj later completed his Masters in International Relations from IIFT, New Delhi and an Executive MBA from University Of Texas in Dallas.

Antonio Bhardwaj has  fond memories of General Raj School from KG to Senior School. The greatest memories are of  Antonio’s classmates, he still holds close to his heart even being far away.  The interactions Antonio Bhardwaj had with each classmate is unique, memorable and loving.  They are countless.

Late Chairman Major General P.C. Rajaratnam and Principal Keerti Sharma were his favorite people.  At that time,  Principal Keerti Sharma was his English teacher.  School provided great opportunities for Antonio Bhardwaj to make his foundation very strong but most importantly Late Chairman Major General P.C. Rajaratnam, ensured, he instilled very good discipline in all students.  Late Chairman Major General P.C. Rajaratnam never compromised on good discipline and ensured strong values be instilled through Moral education classes.

Antonio Bhardwaj had an opportunity to talk with the Late Major General,  before he passed away. Antonio Bhardwaj  especially remembered his comment “I remember you and very proud of you.”

Antonio Bhardwaj has countless memories of interaction with late Chairman and Principal Keerti Sharma and Staff.  Hopefully during Antonio Bhardwaj, visit to India in near future, he would take the opportunity  of visiting the school and pay his respects to all.

Antonio Bhardwaj was also a national level athlete representing General Raj School.

Antonio Bhardwaj currently is Chief Executive officer of Global International Sellers. Antonio Bhardwaj is an expert global economist, strategist, technologist, nanotechnologist, futurist and published author. Antonio Bhardwaj is Energy,Technologist, Nanotechnologist.

Antonio Bhardwaj is Top 50 People Most Connected LinkedIn Worldwide.

Needless, to say, if it was not for the strong foundation, General Raj School, instilled in Antonio Bhardwaj,  he would not have been a successful leader today.

General Raj School

PR Contact

Rebecca Mills

Global President – Public Relations

Global International Sellers

Paris, France

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  2. Pingback: General Raj School – Strong Educational Foundation | Global Trends

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